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J.E.D.I Training


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Rock climbing’s popularity is soaring. New climbing areas and routes are needed to make way for this new generation of climbers. But who will discover and bolt these new areas?


In Texas, white males have been the only ones to bolt and establish new climbs. With help from the Access Fund, a new generation of route developers are opening up new areas that are more Just, Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive (J.E.D.I). 


No where else in the nation is this happening. It’s historic.

-Brian Tickle, Texas Regional Director Access Fund


This film follows one developers efforts to be J.E.D.I.

is an avid outdoors-woman and a fierce advocate for social justice and gender equality. “Bree”, as she is called by her friends, is a real estate agent and an avid caver, acro-yogi, and rock climber. A natural-born leader she is always interested in learning new skills, both outdoors and indoors. 

But taking on the challenge to develop new routes is no small undertaking. Bree only started climbing in 2019 and has much to learn if she hopes to put up new routes at Inks Ranch. Long hours of hiking, route finding, ascending fixed lines, clearing rock and bolting lays ahead of her. On top of this she will have to manage her work and family life so she has the time to accomplish this goal. 

For Bree the effort is worth it. She personally knows the importance of making space for minorities in rock climbing and is dedicated to making our outdoor spaces more open and inclusive. 

It is her time to lead the charge, her time to show what it means to be a J.E.D.I.

Brianne Richardson-Jameson

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