Drew Hayes

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller

For 10 years, I have cultivated a  passion for crafting documentaries and films that truly engage and excite audiences. This passion has driven me to create  over 50 short documentaries in 20 countries, as well as collaborate on numerous other projects.
My skill and expertise was crafted while I lived, traveled, and worked in West and Sub-Saharan Africa producing documentaries and branded content for NGO’s. These experiences taught me the importance of capturing moments as they unfold and crafting these scenes into an unfolding story. This continues to give me an edge in my continuing documentary work around the globe. I regularly travel and film for different NGO's as well as create branded content (read documentaries as advertisements) for commercial customers.
I am always looking for the next project will challenge and excite me to create content that will engage and impact an audience.  Please contact me to discuss how I can add my experience, creativity, and craftsmanship to your story.